Monday, June 4, 2012

No Turning

Yesterday we noticed the encouragement given to Joshua to be strong and courageous. That encouragement was repeated three times within Joshua 1:6-9. In the midst of this encouragement to remain strong and courageous the following concerning God's word is shared in verses 7 & 8. Joshua is told to "carefully observe the whole instruction . . . Do not turn from it to the right or the left, so that you will have success wherever you go. This book of instruction must not depart from your mouth; you are to recite it day and night, so that you may carefully observe everything written in it."

Following God is a decision
to remain true to Him!
God's promise to Joshua was His divine blessings and presence as Joshua remained true to His commandments. Joshua had a decision to make: be strong and courageous to follow after God or turn aside to follow his own desires or the thoughts and desires of the people around him. The same temptation for turning exists for believers today. We  are surrounded by people who are not committed to God's instruction found in His Word. They continue to turn to the and to the left, departing from God's divine will. Sometimes that departure is guided by tradition rather than dependence upon God's Word. At other times their departure is directly influenced by the people around them rather than relying upon the God they claim to follow.

Have you and I remained true to God's Word? Or, have we turned to the right or the left? Have we devoted ourselves to the careful observation of His instruction or are we simply going by what we have heard others say? 

Today our encouragement is to study God's Word. Let us go forth with a resolve "to recite it day and night" . . . and to "carefully observe everything written in it."

Praying Today for:
(1) VBS Workers
(2) Lake O’ the Pines community of Big Cypress
(3) State of West Virginia
(4) Nation of Mauritius
(5) South Asian Peoples throughout the World

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