Monday, May 14, 2012

Back to Normal?

The last few days have been filled with many different emotions. Yes, I am glad to be home with my family, my church family, and to have life back to some sort of normalcy. However, to be honest I already miss Romania. Life there is so much simpler. The preaching responsibilities every day was wonderful to be a part of.

Yes, glad to be home; but I cannot wait until another opportunity to preach God's Word. Whether that opportunity be here or there, it is always my desire to preach God's Word. I echo the Apostle Paul's words to the Romans when he said, "So I am eager to preach the good news to you also who are in Rome" (Romans 1:15).

There should be an eagerness in us all to share the good news of God's Word with others. We need to be going into all the world to make disciples of all people. Poss ibilities are right outside our front doors, across town, in a neighboring state, or somewhere around the world. Where is God leading you to have an eagerness to share His Word, the good news?

It is my prayer that I don't simply return to normal but that I always be ready and even eager to preach / share the good news of God's Word. How about you?

Praying Today for:
(1) Lake O' the Pines Community of Victory
(2) State of Louisiana
(3) Nation of Italy
(4) Southeast Asian Peoples throughout the World
(5) Romanian Gypsy Village of Pajoriai

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