Monday, February 27, 2012

Marching Orders

Jesus delivered a man that was possessed by a "legion" of demons in Mark 5:1-20. We are told that the man bowed before Jesus pleading with Him to have mercy on him. In deed, Jesus showed mercy to this man by delivering him from the demons that were controlling his life. We are told that while possessed by the demons this man was a crazy man that lived among the tombs and in the mountains. But after Jesus delivered him, this same man was found "sitting there, dressed and in his right mind" (verse 15).

Jesus delivered this man and then gave him marching orders for his life. This man was told: "Go back home to your own people, and report to them how much the Lord has done for you" (verse 19). Jesus instructed this man to share his testimony with others. He was to share what Jesus had done in his life. This man was to share his new life with everyone. Jesus would receive the glory as this man reported how much He had done for him.

Jesus has given us the same "marching orders". You and I as believers and followers of Jesus Christ are to be sharing the great things He has done in our lives with others. Certainly we start with how Jesus saved us from our sins, how He has given us new life; but we must also declare the wonderful things that Jesus does in our lives on a daily basis. We need to be sharing the truths from God's Word that we are learning. God forth with your marching orders this week to make Him known to the nations, starting right outside your door.

Praying today for:
(1) Lake O' the Pines = Crestwood
(2) State = Washington
(3) Nation = Niger
(4) Sub-Saharan African Peoples

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