Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Clean House

Jesus taught His disciples an important lesson found in Matthew 12:43-45. An unclean spirit has been removed from a house. We are not told all the specifics surrounding his removal but we are told that he decided to return to his old house. And once he finds it vacant, he invites other unclean spirits to join him. The Scripture then states that these unclean spirits were more evil than the first; which results in a far worse situation than there was with just the one unclean spirit.

What is the lesson for us?

One thing is for sure, we need to be freed from unclean spirits. For time purposes, we are not debating the issue of a Christian being possessed by an unclean spirit. However, this truth still remains once an unclean spirit is gone the house (body, mind, heart) must be filled with something or that unclean spirit (and perhaps all the unclean spirits he can find) will come and take up residence once again. So the question becomes: "What do we fill the house with?"

We must be filled with the Spirit. We must fill our lives with the power and work of God's presence. We must fill our minds with His Word. The psalmist put this way: "I have treasured Your word in my heart so that I may not sin against You" (Psalm 119:11).

Today clean your house through the confession and repentance from sin. Today keep a clean house by replacing that sin with Jesus, His Spirit, His Word, His people, His work, etc.

Praying today for:
(1) Lake O' the Pines = Lassater Community
(2) State = Georgia
(3) Nation = Jamaica
(3) Continent = Europe

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