Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finding Forgiveness

One of the best Old Testament stories of forgiveness is the reunion of Jacob and Esau found in Genesis 33. You might remember that Jacob tricked Esau out of his birthright for a bowl of soup and then tricked Issac into blessing him instead of Esau. Jacob got everything that rightfully Esau's.

Jacob spent over 20 years in a foreign land where God blessed him with many possessions, slaves, and family. However, now it was time to go to the land of Promise. God was leading him just as He had led Abraham years before. The only obstacle for Jacob was encountering Esau again.

Jacob just knew that Esau was angry with him. He certainly had every right to be. Yet, when the two see each other face-to-face the unimaginable takes place. "Esau ran to meet him, hugged him, threw his arms around him and kissed him. Then they wept" (Genesis 33:4). Talk about forgiveness. He ran to meet Jacob. He hugged Jacob. He threw his arms around Jacob. He kissed Jacob. All of these actions were not done for enemies. Instead, these are actions on display between family and friends. These actions showed Jacob that there was no hatred like he excepted to see. Instead, Jacob found forgiveness.

Jesus offers forgiveness to all who come to Him. Therefore, let us be agents and people of forgiveness.

Praying Today for:
(1) Lake O' the Pines = Mims
(2) State = Tennessee
(3) Nation = Puerto Rico
(4) Continent = Asia

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