Monday, January 9, 2012

Do we Laugh at God?

Did today's title get your attention? Do we laugh at God? That may seem like a strange question to you but it did happen in the Bible. Genesis 18 reveals how God spoke to Abraham concerning the coming birth of his son Isaac. Abraham was told that in one year's time that the LORD would visit with Abraham again and his wife Sarah would have given birth to a son.

When Sarah heard the words of the LORD the Scripture states that "she laughed to herself: 'After I have become shriveled up and my lord is old, will I have delight?'" (Genesis 18:12). She knew that she was past child-bearing years. In fact, notice the wording she used before: "shriveled up". How could she give birth to son?

That is when God spoke to Abraham with the following question: "Is anything impossible for the LORD?" (Genesis 18:14). According to Scripture, it was a year later that the LORD revealed Himself to Abraham and Sarah with their son, Isaac. Indeed the LORD had blessed them and proved Himself mighty in their lives.

So, I ask the question again: Do we laugh at God? When God speaks to us through His Word or through His indwelling Holy Spirit, do we laugh when God speaks of doing something that we cannot understand or think too big? It really becomes a matter of faith. In faith, we must step forward under the leadership of God to join Him in the work that He is doing around us.

God is at work. He is doing incredible things throughout the world. Prayerfully, He will do great things in our lives today.

Praying today for:
(1) the Ally Creek community around Lake O' the Pines
(2) the state of California
(3) the nation of Ecuador
(4) the continent of South America

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