Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Salvation belongs to the LORD!!!

Bible Reading = Psalm 3:3,7,&8
You, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, and the One who lifts up my head . . . Rise up, LORD! Save me, my God! . . . Salvation belongs to the LORD; may Your blessing be on Your people.

Have you ever noticed how often Scripture refers to the LORD as a shield around us? This truth has captured my mind and heart this morning. A few chapters later we read: "My shield is with God who saves the upright in heart" (Psalm 7:10). The word shield puts in my mind the idea of protection. I am protected because of who God is. As the psalmist wrote, He is "the One who lifts up my head".

Another truth in these verses is that God and God alone saves. Notice that the psalmist pleads for the LORD to rise up. Thanks be to God that He has done exactly that. In fact, this is the reality of the Christmas celebration. Jesus came to earth. God sent forth His One and Only Son. For His glory His Son was born, lived a perfect (sinless) life, died on the cross, was buried, and was resurrected to give eternal life to all who would believe in Him.

"Salvation belongs to the LORD" . . . Praise the LORD!!! Praise the LORD!!! Now and for forevermore His blessings are upon His people. What exactly is His blessing. Well one reality is "salvation" but another reality that we must take from this Scripture passage is that He is our "shield".

(1)  The Big Cypress community of Lake O' the Pines
(2)  The State of Wisconsin
(3)  The Continent of Asia
(4)  The Nation of Yemen {61% unreached with the gospel}

God's blessings for you this day as you worship Him, serve Him, and bring Him much glory.

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